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Hubert Massey

Detroit artist Hubert Massey has been commissioned by the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority (DRCFA) to create a large-scale fresco at Cobo Center. This will be a signature piece in Detroit’s collection of public art.

The design and color studies, as well as the full-scale cartoon drawing used to transfer the image onto the final location wall, have been completed. The next step is to create the actual mural.

This permanent fresco, which will be painted onto wet plaster, will depict a variety of historical perspectives combined with input from the community through a diverse committee of individuals who share vested interests and connections, personal and professional, to Detroit and the region.  The mural will offer a panoramic view of our historical legacy dating back some 300 years. We feel it is important to preserve Detroit's history, its culture and extraordinary hope for the future as the city begins to resurrect itself.  These inspiring stories will be shared with the 1.4 million annual visitors to Cobo Center.

In addition to its beauty, the medium of fresco is ideal on practical levels. It is nearly maintenance free, does not fade from light and the rich colors will only become richer and more vibrant with time. One of Hubert Massey’s great inspirations is Diego Rivera – this piece will also honor his legacy in Detroit.

Financial support to begin the project comes from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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